If you are the owner or manager of a processing or manufacturing facility then, sure as anything, you should have the need for an energy monitoring device. And here is what an energy analyzer does for your business. The portable handheld device is able to catch power quality events as they happen. These can include impulses or fast transients and the monitoring device can pick these up at up to eight microseconds. They can pick up voltage sags and swells too. 

With this handheld device you are able to measure both total and individual harmonic distortions. You are also able to record energy usage in kilowatts per hour. You can use the device to log all your power parameters. You can data log RMS voltage and currents over a period of time, in numbers of days, weeks and months, all down to a one second resolution. Real time values are displayed in a meter window prominently positioned on the device.

Also on display are oscilloscope waveforms, harmonic spectra and phasors. You can also do this display via your PC and Bluetooth wireless connections, as well as USB comms. With a portable, handheld energy analyzer, you are always able to measure DC voltage and currents. Variable frequency systems and 50, 60 and 400 Hertz can be measured or monitored. The portable handheld device is encased in a rubberized contoured case.

energy analyzer

A rugged construction makes this nifty device ideal for your field work. Labelled buttons on the device are as clear as daylight. Minimum, average and maximum values are easy to pick up on a back-lit LCD screen. Spot measurements and evaluations from different panels can be picked up quite quickly. One feature of the device allows you to automatically detect incorrect connections before any monitoring work even begins.