When it comes to being a transcriptionist, or someone who listens to and then writes down audio files into text, you really need the right digital transcription equipment to save money, time, and make the most profit possible. One of the most useful things any transcriptionist needs is a foot pedal.

When listening to the audio or visual file, you’ll have the problem of falling behind. Maybe you get stuck on a word or you get confused on what someone has said. Stopping to click on, pause, and rewind the tape can be a major time sink. If you are constantly stopping, starting, and rewinding again and again, it will take forever to get anything typed.

So instead, using a foot pedal to automatically pause the video or audio for you will free up your hands. Then you can control the file with your feet rather than stopping and turning your attention away. It sounds unnecessary, but trying to force your brain to focus on both the audio and the typing will eat up time and concentration.

Next, consider investing in a headset that is noise canceling. You want to be able to hear the words coming from the file and only the words coming from the file. This will ensure you don’t have to rewrite or accidently insert any background noise from the environment around you into the transcription.

Plus, if you decide transcription isn’t the best for you, then the headset can be used for other means. Finally, you’ll want to invest in a good grammar checker, because spending time fixing all those errors is something you need to have done automatically.

digital transcription equipment

All of these gadgets will be able to save you time, and when you become a transcriptionist, saving time is one of the best tools you have.